Community-based Workshops

Our sexuality education and urban safety programs offer workshops tailored to the needs of the community.

Please be advised that not all of our community-based workshops are provided in English. Refer to the French page for the full list of available workshops.


Intervention aimed at preventing sexual exploitation and promoting egalitarian and consensual relationships among young people aged 12 to 25.


Intimacy and sexuality
Egalitarian romantic relationships
Sexual consent
Power dynamics

Target audiences

Youths aged 12 to 25
School adaptation program


Prevent sexual exploitation by encouraging critical thinking and empowerment.


Sexual consent
Egalitarian relationships and violence
Empowerment in an intimate context

Target audiences

Young people aged 12 to 25
Available thoughout Quebec


Promote safe sexual behaviors and reduce barriers to access to sexual health care for people of African descent, taking into account the specific realities of sexual and gender diversity communities.


Prejudice and sexuality
Protection and screening

Target audiences

14 to 35 years old

Éclat de genre

Increase awarness of sexual and gender diversity through sexuality education activities focusing on intimate and sexual well-being.


Sexual and gender diversity

Target audiences

12 to 25 years old